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Soy Wax is a 100% natural, non-toxic, clean burning vegetable based wax. It is derived from soybean oil, which is a renewable and sustainable resource. This makes all soy wax products eco-friendly, and being completely carbon neutral, ensures no harmful toxins are released into the environment as it burns, making it better for you AND the environment.

In contrast, paraffin wax, derived from petroleum oil, releases harmful byproducts when burned or melted. This produces black soot that may stain walls, and toxins that can cause a multitude of health problems and allergic reactions. You often hear of people complaining of headaches or sinus problems when paraffin candles burn, but in general, this isn’t due to the fragrance oil in the wax, but rather the chemicals the actual wax releases into the air as it burns.

As well as being good for you and the environment, scented soy wax candles and melts are much better value for money than paraffin wax candles and melts. This is due to soy wax having a much lower melting point than paraffin wax, resulting in a slower burn time and ensuring your scented candles and home fragrance products will last much longer. The slower burn time also ensures a more even distribution of the fragrance oil throughout your room, leaving your home beautifully fragranced for longer.

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